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WH-28R769 size 800x800mm
WH-28R769 Morgan Family Deep Yellow (2)
WH-28R769 Morgan Family Deep Yellow (2)
WH-28R769 Morgan Family Deep Yellow (3)
WH-28R769 Morgan Family Deep Yellow (3)


Product Series:Soft light marble tiles


Scene style:Hyundai IKEA,Urban elegance,Fashion Jane,Elegant New Oriental

Product Features:Apply toliving room,Restaurant,Bedroom

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Soft light marble tiles系列优点简图

Space application characteristics

Product Details

Advertising slogan: Light extravagance in form, attitude in heart.

Design concept: Nature is the decoration of the landscape. Towering mountains, gurgling rivers, towering ancient trees, forests, and tranquil lakes make people away from the hustle and bustle, but how to balance nature and the city, even though you are in a prosperous place , But it can be integrated with the nature close at hand

With the concept of creating a livable green space, combining the advantages of bright and matte tiles, restore natural visual light and soft and delicate touch, the surface is 10°~45° satin luster, forming a soft, restrained, low-key and luxurious visual feast. The decorative effect of achieving human visual perception and reducing light pollution. Create a warm and romantic home space with natural and soft gloss.

45° soft light marble tiles

1. Soft polishing process, delicate and elegant

The multiple soft polishing process, aiming at the undulation of the three-dimensional surface, makes the surface of the ceramic tile exude an elegant luster, which is more delicate and soft.

2. Soft space, visual protection

The gloss reaches 45°, which is close to the gloss of stone, reduces light pollution, focuses on soft sensory enjoyment, and avoids visual fatigue, thus creating a warm space with soft vision and artistic sentiment, and a "soft space" concept that is more suitable for human living environments.

3. Higher hardness, anti-fouling and wear-resistant

Using the combination of diamond particles and wear-resistant glaze, after long-term high-temperature firing, it is condensed into a dense and hard protective layer to ensure that the tiles are slippery, moisture-proof, strong and wear-resistant, and the exclusive customized anti-fouling wax is used for waxing. A dense wax protection is formed on the surface, which greatly improves the antifouling performance of the tiles.

4. Natural texture, comparable to real stone

Restore the marble texture, fully present the beauty of the stone texture, highlight the three-dimensional sense of the stone skin texture, and the layers embodied by the brick surface are more three-dimensional and rich! Urban work is chaotic and complicated; returning home is like returning to natural simplicity.

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