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Knock the blackboard | What are the cross-border advantages of William Dunn's high-value rock board.

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"Crossing boundaries" is an attempt, and it is also exploring potential, which will bring people a new feeling. As a cross-border product, rock slabs became the focus of the industry with the momentum of thunder when the popularity of ceramic slabs was high, and became the "darling" of home decoration and was widely used in the home furnishing field.




As a new type of material, rock slab has multiple properties such as zero water absorption, fire resistance, high temperature resistance, super scratch resistance, impact resistance, acid and alkali resistance, antifouling, and food-grade surface. Whether it is home improvement or tooling, it is better than traditional stone applications. Wider.




The natural texture of Williamton slate is rich in texture, artistic and fashionable. It is light and luxurious, but unassuming. It has an inherent aura in its bones. For current home decoration, it is even more icing on the cake. , To meet your personal, comfortable, high-quality life needs.




The rock slab has a variety of specifications, and the application space of different specifications is also different, and there are also differences in the space creation effect. William Dunstone, dedicated to big home applications! Take you to feel the charm of Williamton's rock slabs of different specifications, play with rock slabs, and discover more possibilities!



The ground and wall are the key points of home improvement. Choosing the decoration materials will get twice the result with half the effort. Williamton 1200×2700, 1200×2400 large-size rock slabs, using new stone technology, are resistant to abrasion, fire and high temperature, and the thickness of the rock slab is 9mm. It can be applied to walls, floors, background walls and other spaces to fully meet the needs of large spaces. Post demand. The continuous pattern of rock slabs greatly enhances the aesthetics of the space and makes the space a new aesthetic carrier, which not only brings a visual impact to the residents, but also emphasizes the artistic atmosphere of the space.




In addition to large spaces, rock slabs can be used, but rock slabs can also play tricks in small spaces. Rock slabs have good abrasion resistance and ductility. The rock slabs are used for cabinet countertops, bathroom countertops, desktops, coffee tables, etc., with complete cutting surfaces, acid and alkali resistance, and strong pressure resistance. For kitchens and bathrooms, it can be described as good An upgrade magic weapon. Williamton rock slabs of 780×2620 and 530×800 specifications can be applied to cabinet countertops, bathroom countertops, coffee tables, etc., with a thickness of 15mm, which can bear heavier weight, strong practicability and longer service life.




There are a variety of specifications and thicknesses of Williamton slabs to choose from, and more new products are on the market! William Dunstone is committed to large home applications, and every corner can bring a beautiful home experience.




Want a high-value home space? William Dunstone satisfies all your fantasies and customizes a better life for you! At present, William Dunstone is in the process of global investment promotion, and we sincerely invite agents, home improvement companies and designers to join us, striving to lead the new era of rock slabs, and create good home decoration!


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