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Williamton Ceramics [Shuangdan Juhui] The last wave of welfare at the end of the year is in full sw.

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The annual "National Conference of Chopped Hands"

Double 11, Double 12

Pre-sale? The balance? Deposit?

I never expected to buy and buy and do math problems...

I'm too hard! ! !




We reject anti-human arithmetic!

As long as you are happy to buy, buy and buy, we will be full of surprises

Promotion is simple and rude! On welfare!




[Williamton year-end impulse buying brick festival]



Williamton Ceramics Christmas and New Year's Day surprises constantly

December 20, 2020-January 8, 2021

Williamton ceramic manufacturers join hands with national event stores

Start your surprise buying brick journey


Shuangdan strikes, surprise stack, double discount


Six Welfares Spoil You

Williamton Ceramics year-end promotion, great impulse!

Don't be too cost-effective!




Don't think it's over!

Pay 100 during the event to get 1000 brick voucher

Discount in the end, limited purchase



It's not over yet~

Super high-value products, special impulse

More benefits

For details, please visit the event store to consult~




It's not cheap, not for nothing!

Dear bosses!


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