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Williamton rock board | In addition to the dining table and coffee table, the rock board for the st.

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Design trends have always changed rapidly, and the spatial application of ordinary decorative materials has begun to be limited. As soon as the William Dunstone came out this year, it immediately detonated in the home furnishing industry. Whether it is on the wall and floor, or on the home surface, home decoration, etc., it stands out in many categories. I have seen many ground applications of rock slabs, whether it is large-scale paving or parquet paving, rock slabs are already familiar.

So, can Williamton's slabs have stairs?

Of course it can, and it's super suitable! !



Three advantages of slab application stairs

1. Overall texture

There is no white line in the thickness direction of the Williamton rock slab, which can be folded and chamfered at 45°. The texture connection is very natural. When the rock slab is applied to the stairs, the pattern will appear as a whole, which complements the wall and floor, and shows a sense of advanced.


▲Slate products for stairs application: WH-TGD4303 Lauren Black Gold

2. Great resilience

  The Williamton rock slab is pressed by a press of over 10,000 tons, which makes the rock slab extremely tough. In the use of stairs, it has withstood the test of bearing and friction all the year round.



▲Slate products for stairs application: WH-TGD4317 black and white roots


Three, safe and solid

  The water absorption rate of Williamton's slab is below the single 0 level or even lower. It has excellent flatness, which minimizes water accumulation and cleaning problems. At the same time, the anti-skid performance is also very good. Even the suspended stairs have super High security.



▲Slate products for stairs application: WH-TGD4140 Victoria Grey


In residential and commercial spaces such as duplexes, villas, lofts, exhibition halls, etc., stairs are the link connecting the upper and lower floors. The Williamton slate has various styles and colors. The exquisitely designed staircase is like an interlude or a sleek turning sign, which makes the transition of space, transition and transition natural and elegant.


▲Slate products for staircase application: WH-TGD8109 Sir White


With the trend of design trends, the use of rock slabs has gradually become popular all over the world. With 17 years of ingenuity in ceramics, Williamton introduced international advanced production equipment such as the 36,000-ton complete set of Italian Sisterm equipment and the first domestic 600DPI inkjet machine with 20 channels of Sisterm’s 20-channel high-injection volume to meet people’s application requirements for home decoration design. Focusing on color and quality, the produced rock slabs have the advantages of extremely high hardness, high toughness, fireproof and moisture-proof, pollution-free and easy to clean, etc., even when laying stairs, they can also play a variety of styles.

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