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WH-1T126704 Dino Beige
WH-1T126704 Dino Beige size 600x1200mm

WH-1T126704 Dino Beige

Product Series:600×1200 whole body marble tiles


Scene style:Fashion Jane

Product Features:Apply toCommercial space

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600×1200 whole body marble tiles系列优点简图

Space application characteristics

Product Details

Product selling points:

1. Restore the real stone

Through multi-tube fabrics, glaze layer superposition technology, and reticulated jump printing technology, the glaze layer is immersed into the product texture, the wear resistance of the glaze surface is increased, and the three-dimensional effect is increased. The whole body from the outside to the inside, no matter the groove, chamfering, and edging are all natural, the decorative effect is natural and lifelike, suitable for the deep processing application of the product, fashionable home decoration and hotel tooling are essential.

2. Multiple sides with one stone

Selected classic stones, random fabrics, one stone with multiple sides, various texture levels, and more natural and atmospheric application effects. With the design of neutral colors, it can create different styles of individual spaces and greatly enhance the decorative effect of stone tiles.

3. Daban Technology

Adopt big board technology to achieve larger specifications of 600×1200, realize flexible cutting of various specifications, higher cost performance, visually give people a feeling of extension and expansion, and make the space more open.

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