product show WH-1L189008 Ankara light gray_Williamton ceramic slab-stone art plus

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WH-1L189008 Ankara light gray
WH-1L189008 Ankara light gray size 900x1800mm

WH-1L189008 Ankara light gray

Product Series:900x1800 large board


Scene style:Hyundai IKEA,Fashion Jane

Product Features:Apply toliving room,Restaurant,Bedroom,Commercial space

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900x1800 large board系列优点简图

Space application characteristics

Product Details

Advertising slogan: Are you this big?

Design concept: Williamton Stone Art PLUS imitates natural precious stones with large areas, large patterns, high definition, high fidelity, and multiple levels. The surface effect is "not a stone, but better than a stone" effect, realizing ceramic tiles and natural stone. "True and false are difficult to distinguish." While maintaining a high level of decoration, it effectively removes odors and harmful substances, and at the same time is beneficial to human health, and achieves the integration of decoration and functionality.

Product selling points:

1. More widely used

According to the needs of modern consumers, more and more attention has been paid to the application space of large-scale ceramic tiles. From the early use as indoor wall and floor paving, to later use as curtain wall decoration material, now it is quickly entering the kitchen and bathroom space and countertop decoration materials. Waiting for daily home decoration.

2. The texture is more realistic

With large-size tiles, the beauty of the stone texture can be fully presented on a tile, highlighting the natural texture of the stone, restoring the simplicity and elegance of the space, and the overall space texture pattern effect of the decoration is more complete and three-dimensional, and the details reflected in the brick surface are also Richer!

3. Cleaning is more worry-free

"Seamless connection" is the most obvious feature of large slab tiles that distinguish them from conventional tiles. At a time when everyone is pursuing simplicity, the large-format tiled floor can minimize the traces of collage and add points to the simplicity of the space. The feature of fewer seams can also reduce dirt and dirt, making it easier to clean and maintain.

4. Cutting is more free

The innovation of inkjet printing technology has also brought new vitality to large-size ceramic tiles, and the patterns on the surface of the tiles are becoming more and more colorful. For a good designer, a large-size ceramic tile is more like a piece of cloth, which can be cut at will according to their design requirements. The cut and processed tiles have a more design sense, providing designers with a broader design space.

5. The effect is more stylish

Compared with ordinary tiles, Shiyi PLUS has the advantages of better decoration effect, more natural texture, and no need to leave seams. Large-format brick paving gives people a sense of extension and expansion visually, making the space more open because of the single The area of the piece is larger and it can carry more texture elements, so the decorative effect is more unique and stylish.

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