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WH-1C8746 Ghana Beige
WH-1C8746 Ghana Beige size 800x800mm

WH-1C8746 Ghana Beige

Product Series:Super flat glazed marble tiles


Scene style:Urban elegance

Product Features:Apply toliving room,Restaurant,Bedroom

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Super flat glazed marble tiles系列优点简图

Space application characteristics

Product Details

Leading show·Restore the true colors of famous stones

A series of marble tiles endowed with thought and soul.

The design of this series of products is derived from the precious marble stone in the Grand Canyon. After thousands of years of precipitation and accumulation, the natural texture profile is like a poem praising history, like a mountain ink painting with rich artistic conception. Show delicate art.

Placed in the space, the feelings and style embodied in the space make people unable to let go of it for a long time, so that the taste of life will continue to get Williamton in the pursuit.

Technical characteristics

No water ripples and cracks

The product is more stable, without water ripples and cracks. Digital copying technology is applied to product development. Through digital copying of natural precious stones, the texture of the stone is vividly restored, and the natural imprints are vividly on the tiles.

Realize 4D stereo effect

Through the DOM technology, the 4D effect is realized on the brick surface, the three-dimensional effect is stronger, the transparency is stronger, and the visual fatigue caused by the planar effect is eliminated.

Industry-leading ultra-flat glaze technology

Not only the thickness of the glaze on the surface of the product is thickened, but also the defects of poor surface flatness, easy dirt and wear of the polished brick surface are solved, and the trouble caused by cleaning is eliminated.

Product selling point


The brick surface is smooth and smooth like a jewel. It has an ultra-smooth and flat brick surface. It has a dense structure, hard texture, high strength, strong durability and high finish.


The texture pattern of the super flat glaze is more unique, the level is very rich, and the exquisite details show different beauty. The individual taste is displayed on the clean brick skin.


The texture is clearer, the color is bright and soft, and it is bright and not dazzling. It surpasses the clarity and three-dimensional texture of ordinary glazed tiles, the hardness is as hard as a diamond, it is hardened and wear-resistant, environmentally friendly and healthy.

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