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WH-182802 size 800x800mm


Product Series:Persian Gold


Scene style:Urban elegance

Product Features:Apply toliving room,Restaurant

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Polished tiles系列优点简图

Space application characteristics

Product Details

Advertising slogan: from natural stone

Product selling points:

1. Pure raw materials, healthy and environmentally friendly

Imported colored glaze and domestic stable good clay are produced according to international standards.

2. Uniform size and excellent quality

Standard, stable, good flatness, easy to pave. High temperature sintering at 1250 degrees, vitrification of the product, excellent quality.

3. Enhanced wear resistance and higher strength

The surface Mohs hardness is greater than 7, and the wear resistance is 30% higher than the European standard. It has better flexural and compressive resistance, and it is not easy to be damaged during transportation and construction.

4. Natural three-dimensional, easy to clean and anti-fouling

The color and pattern are clear, the three-dimensional feeling is strong, and the texture is good. Using nano processing technology, the gloss is over 90, and the antifouling ability is extremely strong.

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